Engineering Consultancy

SEAS Philippines Inc. is ready to assist its clients with the technical expertise, developments and knowledge. This expertise can be in a variety of ways including Process Management, idea organization, product or company design/re-engineering, fabrication, problem solving, branding, and marketing.


SEAS Philippines Inc. maintain high standards of work at all times and deliver all necessary needs, commitments and demands to its clients.

The company can provide the following value adding services based on the needs of the client



  • Technical investigations and analysis services.
  • Professional Mechanical Engineering (PME) Consultation and Services
  • Research and development studies required for innovative solutions services.
  • Feasibility and/or due diligence studies for project initiation.

  • Technical audits of physical assets services.
  • Plumbing Design and Drawing Services
  • Orthographic and Isometric Design and Drawing Services

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