Our Company

About us

Shouei Engineering And Services Philippines Incorporation known as SEAS Philippines Inc. is an engineering services and construction company focusing on general engineering works such as mechanical, civil/structural, electrical works, maintenance and troubleshooting, technical consultation and alteration projects.

SEAS Philippines Inc. has a principal company name Shouei Engineering Corporation,Ltd. which is operated about 50 years services in the field of maintenance and engineering in Japan. SEAS Philippines Inc. started when Shouei Japan founder Mr. Hideyuki Sekiguchi met Mr. Michael Dela Merced a founder of Demtek Engineering Services in the Philippines. They began their ideology and intense desire to combined their company aiming for quality solution to defects/problems, improvements and construction services here in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To provide long term relationship of values with our clients and partners, using quality construction and highest standard in the field of engineering solution.


To be the most successful and respected general engineering solution and services around the world through our commitment to safety, quality, constant innovation and reliable services.


SEAS Philippines Inc. is guided by these core beliefs

      • Quality and Excellence
      • Reward employees on merit and promote teamwork
      • Maintain safe and healthy working environment
      • Customer Orientation
      • Focus on customer’s needs and satisfaction
      • Mutual Respect
      • Provide continuously improvement in our employee and our process integrity


SEAS Philippines Inc is very dedicated in protecting the workers and preserving the environment in a responsible manner.
SEAS Philippines Inc. is committed to continuously develop and improve the safety measures and programs to protect our team members on all job site.
Our company always identify health, safety and environmental hazards and reduce risk to employees and other persons associated in all our business activities


SEAS Philippines Inc. never compromise the safety of its staff, equipment or our customers that is why it includes internal development
        • Daily job site hazard reporting
        • All members are trained and educated of all necessary safety permits and risk assessments before doing any job
        • All team members are routinely trained and updated on the best safety practices
        • All team members working hours are tracked diligently and mitigate the risk related to exhaustion and stress
        • All members are trained and believe that a good housekeeping makes all work safely and easily.
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