Project Engineering

SEAS Philippines Inc. is generally engineering construction company which conduct a study (capital cost estimate or technical assessment), design a project, construct and modifying/re-engineering. The projects are designed to achieve some specific objective, ranging in scope from simple installation, modifications to new factories or expansions.


SEAS Philippines Inc. is highly professional engineering services in which they are using some of international standards to make it effective and efficient ways in getting work done while maintaining the safety of all people and its client. The company make it sure that the target project schedule is done on time.

The company can provide support in the following areas in the different stages of a life-cycle of a project
  • Engineering planning.
  • Engineering cost estimations and control.
  • Engineering documentation management.
  • Development of design for systems and equipment, including interfaces.
  • Engineering calculations.

  • Design reviews and baseline management.
  • Technical specification.
  • Construction management/ supervision.
  • Quality assurance and control.
  • Commissioning management/ supervision.

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